Because of our security and significance in Christ, we do not need to be controlled by the opinions and responses of others. We have nothing to prove because we know who and whose we are.



No matter what you’ve lost, God wants to bring restoration to your life—maybe through helping you get back what you lost or simply helping you heal and move forward. 

If God leads you back to what you supposedly lost then yay for you! You really didn’t lose anything after all. During your restoration process, the key is to allow God’s word to transform your mind by giving you a new perspective about what you thought you’d lost.

On the other hand, if God wants you to move forward and heal you instead, the key is the same except when your perspective began to change, you’ll began to heal.

You cannot dabble in your past when God directs you to move forward. Why? Because God has something better for you in your future.

Be prayerful: Humbly ask God to create in you a clean heart and that He replaces your desires with His desires instead.